Specification Consultancy

Lynx's Quality inspectors will review the mill test reports and compare them against your customer's specification to ensure that your customer gets what they are asking for. I
Lynx's staff is comprised of a group of seasoned Oil & Gas professionals who have built their career on their ability to interpret, rationalize and comply with the industry's most critical specifications.

We can collaborate with your technical staff to review and recommend enhancements to your specifications to ensure that the material that you are buying is fully compliant with industry and OEM requirements. We can help to make sure you are "Buying it Right"!
Inbound Inspection
Non-Destructive Examination
We will review the mills test reports prior to arrival and provide you with a gap analysis and cost estimate to bring materials into compliance. We will also work with your suppliers in advance so it is in compliance before it leaves the mill.
Dimensional Measurements
Hardness Testing
UT Wall Thickness Test
Wet/Dry Mag-Particle Testing (MPI)
Liquid Dye Penetrant (LDP)
Ultrasonic Testiing (UT)
Electro-Magnetic inspection (EMI)
Visual Thread Inspection (VTI)
Outbound Inspection
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